For larger projects, for example refurbishing multiple rooms, structural alterations or building an extension, you need to have someone who is responsible for managing the project. Many people underestimate the effort required to keep a project on track and try to fulfil this role alongside their normal work schedule. This is often a mistake.

Many construction or kitchen/bathroom companies are more than capable of project managing your building work and may offer this service to you. However their interest in the project is not the same as yours. If there is a decision to be made, you need someone on site daily to act as your advocate and to ensure that your instructions are followed. Otherwise the end result may not be quite what you had hoped for, or possibly, not at all what you had hoped for!

During the course of a project, questions will arise on a daily basis. At best these may cause short delays, but at worst may result in workmen leaving the site to go to another job. This will drastically delay your project. Having someone constantly available who understands your requirements, will help prevent this happening.

Here is a list of some of the things I can provide as part of my project management service:

I recommend that Interior Design be included as part of the package to ensure a consistent approach and therefore the best possible results.

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